Texas Property Taxation

Texas property taxation systems are flawed. While the Texas Constitution requires Equal and Uniform taxation for all, there are no standard formulas to dictate appraised values. Texas homeowners who have filed for a homestead exemption have some protection in the form of a 10% annual increase cap. Yet in most urban areas across the state, their rates continue to rise.

There is no limit to the tax increases Texas business owners can face and the assessment values of properties appear to be random.

Appraised Values are calculated by Appraisal Districts in each county. Appraisal Districts, which are difficult to access and even more difficult to understand, have not been forthcoming with the way they appraise properties. Without this information, the one-time appeal process is very difficult and almost always ends in favor of the Appraisal District.

Many commercial property owners are finding that a courtroom is the only place where their voice can be heard and is the last resort from having to move their business out of town. When courts rule these tax increases to be unfair, local governmental entities are forced to refund taxes already collected and allocated as a result of this flawed taxation system.

Learn how the Texas property taxation systems are affecting your city:

“Taxed Out of Town” is an initiative established by members of the Building Owners and Managers Association across Texas.