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Show your support for fair and uniform appraisal district reform by signing the petition. Let’s show lawmakers that Texans understand commercial property taxation is putting economic growth and jobs at risk – for both the public and private sector!

1. “I support legislation that creates uniform and equal appraisal reform and gives relief to small businesses that are being taxed out of their cities due to skyrocketing property tax appraisals.”

2. “Texas commercial property owners deserve to know that their property values will not caused them to be Taxed Out of Town”

3. “I support legislation that will hold local Appraisal Districts accountable and transparent and no longer allow them to hike up commercial appraisal values without a concrete formula.”

4. “I want to see legislation pass that protects Texas’ economy, entrepreneurs and our jobs!

5. “I stand with the commercial real estate industry, the small business community and taxpayers across the state in calling on the Texas Legislature to pass true appraisal district reform and bring much-needed relief to commercial property owners across the state.”

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