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House, Senate must reconcile differences in bills – Texas House approves property tax reform bill

The Facts: May 1, 2019

The Texas House gave preliminary approval to a priority property tax reform package Tuesday, teeing it up for negotiations with the Senate and impelling the upper chamber to act on an omnibus school finance measure.

Opportunity Remains for Real Property Tax Cuts this Legislative Session

Texas Public Policy Foundation: April 12, 2019

A summary of the “State of Play”

The Legislature’s Proposed Spending Threatens Real Property Tax Cuts

Texas Public Policy Foundation: April 11, 2019

Will your paycheck go up by 5 percent or more each year for the next two years? That’s how much your state legislators may raise your taxes. While it’s not over until it’s over, the time to correct the Texas Legislature’s spending excess is quickly running out before sine die.

State legislators seek to curb property tax increases, local officials point to assessment growth

Community Impact Newspaper: March 12, 2019

Property tax reform has been a top priority for Texas lawmakers from the start of the 86th legislative session. The early filing of identical, wide-reaching bills in the House and Senate in January—Senate Bill 2 and House Bill 2—sparked debate on the topic

Texas Tax Rates and Tax Rate Rollback Elections

Tax Reduction Experts: February 24, 2019

Texas property taxpayers are entitled to notice when taxing units are increasing revenue based on either an increase in tax rates or assessed values. This summary gives an overview of the notice requirements and taxpayer rights if the taxing entities ignore them.

The Roll Back Rate: Legislative Intent & Inflation

Policy Brief: February 20, 2019

Identical bills have been filed in the Texas House and Senate that seek to achieve
meaningful property tax reform. A major component of both introduced bills—
Senate Bill 2 (Bettencourt et. al) and House Bill 2 (Burrows)—is a lowering of the
rollback tax rate from 8 percent to 2.5 percent. This downward adjustment is highly
significant as the rollback rate was established in 1979 at 5 percent, increased in
1981 to 8 percent, and has not been modified since that time.

Texas Public Policy Foundation Publishes Policy Brief Examining the Rollback Rate

Texas Public Policy Foundation: February 19, 2019

The Texas Public Policy Foundation published the policy brief, The Rollback Rate: Legislative Intent & Inflation. “Local government budgets shouldn’t grow faster than the taxpayer’s ability to keep up with them,” said Mikael Garcia, director of Public Affairs at the TPPF. “That’s why the rollback rate was created in the…”

Governor Abbott proposes 2.5 percent cap on property tax revenues

Houston Chronicle: January 17, 2019

Proposing a more transparent tax-cap method for Texas, says the time has come to change the state’s antiquated property-tax system.